Space Leadership MBA

Online program designed for pioneering managers in the space, defense, aerospace, satellite, consumer space travel, amongst other sectors. The world’s first MBA Space Leadership program.

Duration: 12 months
Courses: 10
Credit Hours: 30
Assessment: Project based. No exams
Delivery: 100% Online
Space Leadership MBA online course with satellite in space over earth

Master of Business Administration (Space Leadership)

Space is no longer the work of science fiction; it is a multi-billion economic reality. Leading and innovative organizations are engaging in the commercialization of space. KUL’s Master of Business Administration (Space Leadership) is designed for business professionals looking to accelerate their space-inspired leadership and management skills.

The MBA provides students with a solid business management foundation while developing essential critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills resulting in a transformational learning experience. Students will engage in an applied business education while exploring business economies, law and government, and technology from a space sector context. After completing the program, students will be poised to lead solving problems to business issues that are beyond the boundaries of our world.

Every online class is specifically designed for adult learners and breaks down complex business theoretical concepts into short, manageable lessons making the learning experience extremely rewarding and obtainable for working adults. Students will also learn from global world leaders and engage with an online community of dedicated business instructors and students worldwide, giving students a truly world-class 21st-century learning experience.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically evaluate the ethical and sustainable nature of business practices for the space sector business environment.
  2. Interpret and apply relevant theoretical frameworks to formulate innovative solutions and strategies for a space economy.
  3. Conduct business research and analysis and apply knowledge in a disruptive organizational or workplace context.
  4. Develop an ability to solve complex problems in innovative business contexts through reflective practice.
  5. Demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making skills underpinned by theoretical frameworks to set a strategic direction and adapt to rapid growing conditions.
  6. Develop and communicate strategies for markets and stakeholders in the space industry.


$400 per credit hour
$ 75 Application fee (one time fee due at application)
$200 Registration fee (one time fee, due after acceptance of offer)


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