About Kennedy U

Online Graduate University

In the spirit of leadership, collaboration and innovation exemplified by John F. Kennedy, Kennedy U develops the leaders of tomorrow, who seek to make a genuine impact on their organizations, communities, and the world.

Pioneering The Future of Higher Education

Licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education as an approved degree-granting institution.

Registered Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to improve global access to world class degrees.

Offering 3 degree-granting MBA Leadership Programs

Taught by the most inspiring, successful leaders and visionaries from across the world.

Mission Statement

Kennedy University of Leadership is dedicated to providing career-relevant, student-focused degree programs through innovative online learning, aiming to produce socially conscious leaders of tomorrow.

Affordable, Flexible, One-Year MBA Programs

Our MBA programs are designed to be affordable, flexible, and fully online. We remove all the major barriers to achieving a post graduate qualification, including affordability, time management and accessibility. Providing an unparalleled holistic student support experience to cater for both traditional and non-traditional students.

student learning online on laptop from home via LMS
Leader in a work meeting taking charge

Students Gain Career Relevant Skills

Critical to students’ success, are programs that are applied, and relevant to the skills and needs of tomorrow’s leaders.

Kennedy U, is changing the career trajectory of students by providing the most career relevant skills.


Offering Leadership MBA Programs

Executive MBA online image of men and women C-suite execs

Executive MBA

Designed for those with years of experience in management, C-suite, leadership, and business owners seeking to elevate their careers.

Global MBA online picture of the world

Global MBA

Designed for candidates who are or seek to work in international organizations, developing the core skills and strategies for international growth.

Space Leadership MBA online course with satellite in space over earth

Space Leadership MBA

Designed for pioneering managers in the space, defense, aerospace, satellite, consumer space travel, amongst other sectors. The world’s first MBA Space Leadership program.

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